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Dissolves solid debris. Eliminates cleaning or changing the trap. No more handling of coagulated blood, rope-like saliva and organic tissue. Daily application dissolves solids and keeps suction lines clean, running at peak efficiency and lemon scented. Dissolves calcium build-up in vacuum pumps to eliminate suction maintenance and downtime. Residual action keeps on cleaning. Made for use with amalgam separators. Its non-foaming formulation means it moves down and through the drain quickly. It will not dissolve amalgam alloy. The separator will catch all amalgam particles. Environmentally safe. It is biodegradable, contains no aldehydes, phenols or chlorine.

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Evacuation System Cleaner, 2L

21113 $54.46

Evacuation System Cleaner, 5L

21115 $119.00

Evacuation System Cleaner, 5L, Separator Compatible (SC)

21135 $135.00

Evacuation System Cleaner, 2L, Separator Compatible(SC)

21132 $62.50

PureVac walk about measuring & dispensing unit allows dispensing to four operatories. 1 oz Dispenser pump fits 3.5 & 9.5 Ltr. Containers

21116 $78.45