Adherence DC

[Septodont, Inc.]

Dual Cure Permanent Resin Cement. Final cementation of post and cores, crowns, implant prostheses, inlays and onlays made of ceramics, composites, precious and non-precious alloys.

  • Dual cure for easy control of cementation procedures.
  • Flash photopolymerization to obtain a gel consistency that facilitates removal of excess material.
  • Chemical polymerization to guarantee the complete cure of the cement even in hard to reach areas.
  • Low film thickness with excellent mechanical retention.
  • Radio opaque for easy follow-up.
  • Adherence Dual Cure is available in 5 shades – Clear, White, Yellow, Brown, and Opaque.
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Adherence DC Kit

Contains: 5 - 4gm auto-mixing double syringes with catalyst base clear, white, yellow, brown, & white opaque, 1 - 4gm syringe septo-etch etching gel, 1 bottle (3ml) Silane Coupler, 25 mixing tips, and accessories.

01-C2000 $153.70

Adherence Refill Clear Automix Syringe (4gm)

01-C2002 $42.50

Adherence Refill White Automix Syringe (4gm)

01-C2004 $42.50

Adherence Refill Yellow Automix Syringe (4gm)

01-C2006 $42.50

Adherence Refill Brown Automix Syringe (4gm)

01-C2008 $42.50

Adherence Refill Opaque Automix Syringe (4gm)

01-C2010 $42.50

Adherence Mixing Tips 25 per Bag

01-C2013 $17.70

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